Vietnam used to invade Cambodia is commonly known among modern Vietnamese people in the South. In our team, even those from the North and Central of Vietnam have rarely heard about the genocide of Pol Pot regime. In this project, we wish to reevaluate the intervention of Vietnam into the genocide of the Red Khmer Rouge regime back in Vietnam-Cambodia War 1979 in order to understand the postulated causes leading to two opposite viewpoints of both the Vietnamese and Cambodian government and citizens.

Indochinese Communist Party Establishment

During World War II, Cambodia and Vietnam were against the French colonization and burst out of the national revolution. The communist movement in Cambodia was strongly developed

Geneva Conference

Vietnamese communists withdrew from Cambodia

Cambodian Coup

March 1970
Sihanouk was expelled by the pro-American ally - Lon Nol. Lon Nol's government attacked Khmer Rouge and the National Liberation Front at Cambodia's southeast border

The Conquer for ancient land

The Khmer Rouge attacked the territory in the southeast Vietnam to take back the ancient land. However, Vietnam did not have immediate actions toward invasion

Cold War

The conflict between capitalism (led by the U.S) and communism (led by the Soviet Union) "affected on international isolation and economic hardship"

Vietnam War

North Vietnam forces and the National Liberation Front were fighting against the American and the Republic of Vietnam. Because of this event, DRV could not fully control the political situation of Cambodia

The Khmer Republic Establishment

October 1970
Lon Nol established the pro-American government to fight against the Communist

Clashes broke out between Cambodia and Vietnam

December 1977
The end of political and diplomatic relations between Khmer Rouge and Democratic Republic of Vietnam

Khmer People’s Revolutionary Party Establishment

KPRP was established by the guided of Vietnam Communist Party. Prince Norodom Sihanouk was supported to be the representative of the Party

KPRP under the lead of Pol Pot

Pol Pot became the new leader and general secretary of KPRP, overthown the existing the regime which did not follow the direction of Democrative Republic of Vietnam. KPRP was changed into Communist Party of Kampuchea

Khmer Rouge counter-attack

The Khmer Rouge took back the major territory and authoriity. In 1975, Lon Nol's goverment was completely defeated

Cambodian–Vietnamese War

Khmer Rouge attacked Ba Chuc. Vietnamese troops fought their way into Cambodia.

The Engagement of Pol Pot

Pol Pot and his Cambodian radical intellectuals studying abroad in Paris engaged in the Party and were influenced by the Chauvinism and Maoism

Operation Menu of the U.S

The U.S and the Republic of Vietnam boomed Khmer Rouge and Democratic Republic of Vietnam's territories

Democratic Kampuchea

Pol Pot reformed the country with new policies including the collectivization of all private property, the genocide and the allies with China and the U.S

Vietnamese troops captured Phnom Penh

Pol Pot Regime became the exilled government in Thailand's border. The new government called the People of Kampuchea Party was established under the intervention of Vietnam

Governments' Reactions in 2019