Two broken rice disks

With an old motorcycle, together, we cross paths without considering expectations or hoping that our visions are somehow right. Were we looking for the silhouette of Saigon, or did Saigon come to us?

6 PM.

The wheels start turning when the sunset is over, rhythmically in a straight line. Two of us stopped at a diner near Tan My Market and called two plates of rice. We have to fill our stomachs before we go exploring Saigon. Two large rice dishes cost only 66000 VND. We gave the owners the denomination of 500,000 VND left in the wallet with a big thank you, and then we went in a hurry.

7.30 PM

Saigon at night glitters with lights and noise, like a city that never sleeps. We stopped at a bridge and planned to take a bottle of water, and it was only at this point that we realized that we had not yet received our change from the only 500,000 VND in our pocket. I was very scared that when I returned, the owners had already taken the money for their own. Despite the negative vibes I gave, my friend decided to return with a firm belief: “No, it is not like that in Saigon. Here, people will give it back. ” He seemed to understand Saigonese very well, but I hardly trusted that optimistic hope.

9.41 PM

The diner in front of the old car repair shop had already closed. I told my friend for fear that two people probably took the money and left. His whole body trembled a little, then in a moment of silence, he ran into the car repair shop and said something to the security guard. After a while, he turned around with a smiling face.

Turned out …

We went too fast that the two owners could not call us back. Closing time was approaching, but we were nowhere to be seen. Then she told the guard to call her immediately whenever he saw us.

I was ashamed of my thoughts about that woman and the faith of my friend in Saigonese. Why did we have to hurry to find Saigon, when we just needed to stop in the center of the city to see that there were always lovely people in Saigon.

We joined the onslaught of people and headed for the dorm. “I told you, this is Saigon …”

Right, that is Saigon!