1979 Assembly


Ieng Sary requested an emergency meeting from the UN Security Council to condemn Vietnam
Prince Sihanouk requestede aid of the U.S and the U.N . He said: “I hope the United States and the great American people will help us to expel the Vietnamese from Cambodia"
5 ASEAN Countries - Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore - requested the intervention of Vietnam into Cambodia and apprehended the regional security
Nov 14th 1979
The 1979 United Nations Security Council election was held from 26 October 1979 to 7 January 1980 during the Thirty-fourth session of the United Nations General Assembly, held at United Nations Headquarters in New York City, including the Kampuchea Situation



Norodorm Sihanouk

Representative of Communist Party of Kampuchea at the U.N Securiity Council 1979
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Pol Pot

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea
Nuon_Chea (1)

Nuon Chea

Prime Minister of Democratic Kampuchea.

Ieng Sary

Deputy Prime Minister of Democratic Kampuchea.
Chairman_Khieu_Samphan (1)

Khieu Samphan

Chairman of the State Presidium of Democratic Kampuchea
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Le Duan

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam
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Ton Duc Thang

The first president of the reunified Vietnam

Truong Chinh

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam
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Ha Van Lau

Representative of Vietnam at the U.N Security Council 1979

Hun Sen

Deputy Prime Minister of People's Republic of Kampuchea/State of Cambodia
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Jimmy Carter

The 39th president of the United States
deng-xiaoping-9271644-1-402 (1)

Deng Xiaoping

The paramount leader of the People's Republic of China


The vote of 140 countries about the ousted Pol Pot Regime
Keeping the official chair in the U.N 50.7%
Vancant chair of Cambodia 25%
Abstention 24.3%
The call for the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops of 15 security council members
Accept 86.7%
Veto 14.3%

Response in the U.N Security Council 1979

Hitlerian Vietnamese aggressors

Khmer Regime Response

Sihanouk expressed his admiration for the United States’s reactions towards Vietnam’s invasion, which was “justice,” and sought their support to abolish Vietnam out of Cambodian territory

Hitlerian Vietnamese aggressors

Foreign force

The U.N. Response

Strongly appeals to all States and national and international humanitarian organizations to render, on an urgent and non-discriminatory basis, humanitarian relief to the civilian population of Kampuchea, including those who have sought refuge in neighboring countries

Foreign force


Vietnam Response

The Vietnamese army just only defended the territory in the border area between these two countries during the Vietnamese-Cambodian War. Vietnam did not intervene into the ‘brother’ region. The internal uprising of Kampuchean was not relevant to Vietnam.



The diplomat avocation of Vietnam in the U.N Security Council

"In two weeks, the world will have forgotten the Kampuchea problem" - Ha Van Lau -

The different reactions

The U.N Security Council did not ignore this problem in "two weeks" but alarmed it, which led to the continous ten-year meetings. It was attracted by the media and the International community. In the research, some analysts argued that Vietnam forgot including the humanitarian reasons for their intervention, which prevented Vietnam from persuading the right of their intervention.
  • Vietnam actions
  • Historian suggestions

Vietnam’s omission of humanitarian reasons

The suggestion of historians

They think that humanitarian reasons should be used because:
  1. The U.S and China supported for Pol Pot Regime
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‘Why does the UN recognise Pol Pot? The UN should help us capture Pol Pot – why are they protecting him?’ Many correspondents found themselves facing the same despairing questions: ‘How can it be?’ ‘Don’t they know Pol Pot killed my husband and my two brothers?’ ‘They killed my whole family and yet why does the UN support them?’
Irish Time - Tom Fawthrop - the interview of insiders