The Southwest "loves" Saigon

Moving to Saigon was not his choice. Uncle Minh left his home for decades to survive in this bustling city. He stuck his work – a motorcycle taxi driver that believed was his destiny. “I took the customers wherever they wanted. However, the transportation industry is gradually losing ground as ride-hailing technology emerges, such as Grab, GoViet, Be, and so on, I must adapt to maintain my family income by joining GoViet. A traditional taxi driver does not have to pay the tax, so the profits are higher; however, the clientele is smaller. Lately, when I work for GoViet, it is the exact opposite. However, the earnings are somewhat the same.

Uncle Minh said, “Working as a motor driver is too exhausting, but I still have to tackle all the problems that arise. I start my day from 4 to 22 o’clock. The rainy day is the same as a sunny day. Because I’m so busy working, I could not have lunch with my family. When I arrive home after work, my family is going to bed. I’m so fed up with eating alone. Working time does not allow me to do what I like, nor does it allow me to spend time with my family.” I’m curious why he does not change his job. He confessed to me that he has been working as a motor driver for a long time, so if he now leaves his career, he does not know what work he can do.

“Although this work is backbreaking, I still love it. It provides a means to sustain a family of six. The life of the entire family depends on the old motorbike. With it, I can earn up to 300,000 – 400,000 VND a day.” He said, “Many people told me that working as a motor driver is a shame, but I do not think so. Making a living to take care of my family deserves to be respected.”

I am curious to know why Uncle Minh does not return to his homeland for work. He said: “In my homeland, I have my brothers and sisters, and things are cheaper.  I like to eat delicious fresh food at home. However, I know that there are fewer opportunities to earn a living in a rural area. I will be drunk for days with my neighbors. I still have my family to take care of, so I can’t be here and there. “